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Demolition Done Right - The ALPHA Way


                         ALPHA WRECKING is on a mission. 


      ALPHA has the finest Staff, Supervison, Operators and skilled Demolition workers in the Industry. We take great pride in our people and in their dedication to getting the job done properly each and every day. We have built this Company to be the Industry Standard for a Demolition Specialty Subcontractor, the standard by which all other Demo companies will have to be measured.


      The goals to which we are committed are straightforward    and uncomplicated: SAFETY-INTEGRITY-PROFESSIONALISM-CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


      By establishing these priorities for ourselves from the day we started, we have sent a clear message to our employees and our Clients: ALPHA will not compromise our core principles. With that in mind our sucess has been remarkable and is a direct result of our unwavering committment to these ideals.


     And the results of this company-wide dedication to our values is clear and unmistakable. Virtually every Client that has hired ALPHA once has REHIRED ALPHA on multiple occasions and positioned ALPHA as their Preferred Demolition Contractor.


     Simply put: ALPHA really does "Break it Better!"


     If you are an existing Client, our message is this: THANK YOU, and how can we be of continued assistance?

To our future Clients, our message is: Give ALPHA an opportunity to add you to our Customer inventory, and we will bring the same level of professionalism, enthusiasm and energy to your projects that may be lacking from the other Demolition firms you have hired in the past.


     I was raised with this belief: "A house leaks from the roof."

That is why I am willing to give you my personal guarantee: ALPHA will work WITH you, make you look good and give you every reason to work with ALPHA again.


     Please CONTACT US and let us know how ALPHA can be of service to your firm.


Thank you,

Chris Willford

President & Managing Partner


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